New 6990 - Troubleshooting Crashes

I picked up a MSI HD6990 but i am getting random crashes.

When the crash occurs the video card fan ramps up for a second and then fall to idle and my displays cut out. If i am playing a game, i can still hear the music. if its just the driver crashing, its not recovering. Event viewer does not record anything useful, just a 'the last reboot was unexpected'. I updated to the 11.10 Preview V2 drivers from 11.9 and had the same issue. Updated mobo bios to latest and had same issue.

I have had a video card monitor app running that came with it, its not overheating. the hottest its gotten is 82C.

I am able to play games for a little while. i played BF3 for 30-40 minutes. Witcher 2 seems to lock it up quick with everything on Ultra and ubersampling on. it even crashes outside of games under no load, though.

Other specs are Asus Sabertooth X58, I7 950, and a 750W PSU. The minimum reqs for the video card is 750W and recommends 2 8 pin 12vs. I only have 2 6 pin 12vs on this PSU so i am using the 6pin to 8pin adapter cables that came with the video card, so i thought that would be sufficient. I have tried pretty much everything i can think of within reason troubleshooting wise, right now i think its the PSU and its getting low voltage spikes and crashing the card. Ill pick up one of these

tomorrow unless someone has a couple things i can try.

Any advise at all would be really appreciated.
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  1. The larger PSU fixed the issue, if anyone wanted to know :D
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