Question about upgrading from 3-way CrossfireX to 4-WAY CROSSFireX

I need your advice...

My current set up:

3 x ASUS 1GB HD 5870s (reference models) @ 1.274mV, 1.174mV, 974MHz, 1285MHz, and 100% fan

Rampage III Extreme (original edition)

i7 920 @ 4.4Ghz -- HT Off

6GB of Mushkin RAM @ 1683Mhz and 6-8-6-24
(I just ordered another 6GBs)

2 x Crucial 128GB SSDs (first generation) in RAID 0

An Acer monitor at 120hz, 1920x1080, and 2ms

Antec TruePower Quattro 1200w

I want to go to 4-Way CrossfireX because the BF3 BETA gave me less than desirable FPS.

Should I add another 5870? The 1GB version or 2GB? Can I add a different ATi card instead? If so, what's the BEST card I can add to my current 3-way CrossfireX set up? What would be the difference in performance?

Bonus Question:

I have a Xeon W3520 in my other computer, and it overclocks to about 4.4GHz too (a little bit higher than that actually) but, unlike my 920, it can run high with HT on. Does HT make a difference for BF3? Or is HT just a marketing gimmick like others have said? Is it worth the hassle of switching CPUs in my main rig?
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  1. you have system issues if your 3 5870's cant run BF3. i get 40-60fps in BF3 beta on a single 5870 eyefinity.
  2. i7 @ 4.4ghz, 3 5870's, 2 128 gig SSD's in RAID 0 and undesirable frame rates?
    Come on, this guy is jerking our chain.
  3. not trolling.

    with ultra settings my fps drops down to 50 sometimes. too low for me.

    i knew about bottle-necking, but i think 4-way would still bring up the fps a little bit.
    if i was severely bottle-necking right now with 3-way on one monitor, then i don't think my fps would go up like it does when i lower my screen's resolution.

    and thank you for that info, 384-Bit, i hadn't heard that.
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