AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE Running way to hot


I'm very concerned after reading others threads about how hot my AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition is running.
At idle I'm pushing ~55 degrees and gaming I'm pushing all the way up to 65/67.

Also, I'm not overclocking at all.

According to Core Temp I'm running at
3400.01Mhz (200.00 x 17) on all 4 cores.
VID is 1.2625v
TDP: 123.9 watts

CPU-Z reports:
Core Voltage: 1.232V
Core Speed: 3400.0 MHZ
Multiplier x 17.0
Bus Speed 200.0 mhz
HT Link 2000.0 mhz

Nvidia nForce 740a SLI

Graphics Card:

Nvidia GeForce GTX 470

I have core temp, and do watch it. I have even swapped heat sinks, put on arctic silver paste. I believe I have followed all the correct steps in applying said paste - like thoroughly cleaning both the chip and heat sink - not applying to much etc etc.

I have even attempted to lower the core voltage down from 1.4v to 1.26v in an attempt to keep the processor cool but it looks like it's just not working.

I have 2 case fans, which are hooked up correctly and airflow is Intake (Front of case), and exhaust (back of case). The power supply is mounted on top in this case, and it's fan blows right above the exhaust fan. And obviously I have an aftermarket case fan and heat sink on the CPU as well.

I just don't know why my stuff is running hot...even the my Nvidia GTX 470 is constantly running hot at around 65c / 75c when gaming.

Any suggestions you guys could give me to solve this would be SUPREMELY helpful!
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  1. What heatsink do you currently have now? And you only applied a BB size amount of Arctic Silver? Do you have space for more intake fans in front or side?
  2. My thoughts are 1, maybe its just your processor, some processors seem to run hotter than others of the model (I have a 955 that runs hotter than most people report them to, [50c idle on a hyper 212+]) and 2, is your computer in a corner or in a place where heat cant exhaust out the back well?

    I dont think thats too hot for the 470 personally, but im not an expert on the 470.
  3. @scottiemedic Thanks for the reply :D Yes sir I was sure only to put a very small amount and I specifically remember using a credit card to smooth it out and cover the whole surface as instructed.

    I can't remember the exact model of Heatsink...I've had it for quite awhile. However, the fan came with it and the fan says Thermaltake TR2 R1, so I'm assuming that's it.

    @geotek Thanks also for the reply! Right now I'm gaming and the processor is sitting at around 60c. The GTX 470 is pushing 85c. It's cooling off now that I'm tabbed out and down to 75c.
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    Although the temps are 'high', they are well in the 'normal' range. Unless you plan on changing your case with something that allows more airflow or has a side fan to blow on the GPU, I wouldn't worry unless your temps are creaping up on 95-100C.
  5. Thanks Scottie. I had to up the cpu voltage up to 1.275 because of stability issues but it seems it caused the processor to actually run cooler. Right now, not gaming just posting right now it's running about 49c. Is this decent?
  6. Perfectly decent temp. Congrats. More tweaking, who knows what you can do!!
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