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Gpu gone bad?

I just went about upgrading my desktop, I had a single msi 4870, and my friend had one more. So i got a new corsair 800w PSU. But when i started the computer in crossfire it was all well. When i chose the activate crossfirex, the amd drivers stop and restart again but then the crossfirex option comes enabled. When i start a game with the option enabled. I immediately get a blue screen BSOD and the comp restarts. I tried using the new GPU as my primary and i get a very chopped up display, right from the time the bios comes.. I thought this ment the gpu is done for.

But just ONCE i change the pci latency from 64 to 96 in the BIOS and the picture was fine. But the next reboot it was back again. This card wasnt used much and when it was used last it was working perfectly. I had also taken out the heatsink and cleaned it. I had applied CM paste. Could this be the problem. I didn't have swabbing alcohol so i used a soft cotton cloth and slightly damped it with sprays that used to clean electronics. I also had to really struggle to remove the old thermal paste.

What could be the problem here. Should i reapply the thermal past and if needed apply to the memmory heatsink's as-well.

plz help
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  1. did you see what the temp was for that card at all?
  2. ya.. when i had plugged it in first trying to crossfire, it was around 50+idle.. but the screen comes bad from the time i switch the computer on when i use the card as primary
  3. sorry i forgot to mention, i dont know how to measure the temperature for memmory modules in the gpu. so i have no idea of that
  4. I tried to fiddle around to get it working. seems the gpu card has a natural sag. when i push the card in the other direction (opposite from gravity) its starts with no issues. I am pretty sure this card use to work before and the only thing is did was apply some thermal paste (twice just to be sure and the second time i much better that the first time.. i hope this info helps.

    waiting for any info..
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    so your saying with the gpu pushed in the oposite direction, it all works perfect and runs games etc? If thats the case then there is obv a contact issue. Have you tried the suspected faulty card in your 2nd pci slot intead of the one its in now?
  6. ive tried the card in both the pci slot, tried cleaning the pci connectors as well and looked at the card for bad contacts. couldnt find any..
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  8. sounds like it should be a contact issue. getting the card rma'ed anyways.. thanks for all the info
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