Eyefinity, displayport via hdmi?


I have two Sapphire 5870:s, paired together for crossfire. I currently run two screens, but am courious wether I could run four screens, with them working as pairs (two expanded + two expanded, so basically two screens plus clone for another pair).

Assumably this is possible with my current display cards (one of them in this case), but my question is, that how do you connect displayport screens to hdmi or dvi-d? Or can you?

The 5870 supports eyefinity, but it's connectors are 1x display port, 1x hdmi and 2x dvi-d. So can you connect four displays so that one goes through the actual displayport connector on the gpu, and the three others are through adapters (dvi-d -> displayport, hdmi -> display port), and what kind of adapters should they be?

In the Ati FAQ there is stuff like Passive and Active display port adapters, should I have an "active" one in this case?
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  1. yes, you need an active adapter for displayport -> hdmi to use Eyefinity.

    i've seen them for about $9 on Google Shopping, but i haven't tried them.
  2. Are you talking about displayport -> hdmi, or hdmi -> displayport? Shouldn't all the screens be connected via displayport?
  3. I did a little research, and it seems that on this card you can only connect three displays, with two running from either dvi or hdmi, and one via displayport. I guess this "For configurations using more than two displays, additional displays must have DisplayPort connectors" sentence says it all.
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