High pitched sound has me concerned.... help me out

I just build my first system with a i5 2500k, p8z68-v le, and swapped an 8 month old CX600 Corsair PSU from my old rig. Before slapping the side panel on after installing w7 I noticed there was a high pitched electrical sound, while the computer was off. The side panel was off and i was sitting near the case on the floor and heard it concerned. I never heard it from my old pc but I just plugged and played when i first got it and didn't even stop to look at it, so it's tough to know whether or not the sound was present before.

Here is what i've found out:

Performed the PSU paperclip test- fan runs after flipping the switch, good.

PSU plugged into wall w/ switch off, no paperclip- no sound. Turn switch on, different noise more like a click instead of a constant noise.

PSU plugged into wall w/ switch off, paperclip- no sound. Turn switch on, fan boots up, high pitched sound comes on. Turn switch off, noise persists for maybe a few minutes then goes off.

PSU plugged into MOBO and running, sound is present for the first few minutes of operation. While plugged into the computer its high pitched sound sounds almost like morse code...

I may just be being overzealous, but I'd rather not use a PSU that may damage my equipment................ Let me know if i'm being a tool,

Thank you!!! :bounce:
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  1. I think you have grounds for warranty claim!
  2. rolli59 said:
    I think you have grounds for warranty claim!

    Thats what I'm thinking, I just go back and forth because the noise isn't super noticeable even when sitting within 3 feet of computer, but when you get close you hear it. If I RMA it do you think I'd fare better by going through TigersDirect or Corsair itself?
  3. Being 8months old I believe you will have to go through Corsair.
  4. I had the same with happen with my 1st TX750, got it RMA'd and the 2nd works great.
  5. rolli59 said:
    Being 8months old I believe you will have to go through Corsair.

    Ok, so first of all, sorry for the continued replies, but I have another piece of intel after a tad more troubleshooting.

    I plugged the PSU back into the old computer I used it on using the 24pin and 4 pin atx 12v as well as a sata power cable. Guess what, it's quiet as can be, no high pitched sounds at all, off or on! Is it possible that my new motherboard (p8z68-v le) or some component could cause this?

    Only thing I have different setup between the computers is the use of the full 8 pin ATX 12v cable and a peripheral 4pin molex for my front 200mm case fan (which i'll try unplugging, and see if that makes a difference for whatever reason).

    Again, thank you for patience and your help!
  6. Looks like you have some experimenting to do to find the source!
  7. rolli59 said:
    Looks like you have some experimenting to do to find the source!

    noise is coming from the PSU but is probably being caused by the mobo, hooking the front fan up to one of the headers didn't do anything.... Not sure what else i can do to test
  8. maby your system is straining your psu because it isnt powerfull enough? it should be fine though what gpu do you have?
  9. As of now I'm using the integrated hd3000 via the i5 2500k, and this sound occurs when the system is off, not on. I just RMA'ed the damn thing and I'm hoping that they send a new one. I'll update here once i get the new one and say if is resolved... I have a feeling its just ''normal operation''
  10. Update:

    Recieved brand new cx600 and the noise is no longer there. However there was a sound present that sounded like a fan barely hitting a wire. Only while on. Then after messing with it for awhile i discovered the noise only occured whilst the cords protruding from the unit had some tension on it, such as a wire being wrapped around the corner and threaded up the case. When the wires were untouched and just hanging no noise. PSU is probably fine but didn't want to risk it.

    Being precautious and having been patient thus far i decided to go ahead with another RMA cause i just wanted to be sure i had a good PSU. Corsair is currently sending me another one. Shipping on them this time around. Also, after not hearing from them for a week i contacted them if it shipped yet and after alittle inquiry the tech said they shipped a new one and upgraded me to an hx650 (or a tx650). Either way I'm good with that! The tech also left a note that the unit was to be tested before shipping. So hopefully I will receive a nice upgrade in the mail soon. And hopefully this gracious 'upgrade' they are giving me isn't a return that was found good from another customer. Heres to hoping! I will update when received....
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