New comp turns on, no bios screen

Recently built a computer with new components. All was going well when we turned it on the gigabyte splash screen loaded and then the starting windows screen loaded and then crashed to a blue screen. It will not boot to the splash screen anymore all components are still running.
Mobo: x79-UD#
cpu: i7 3820
ram: Corsair dominator 1600mhz
GPU: 660 ti
power supply: 700w thermaltake
ssd & 2tb hard drive
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  1. shameless bump
  2. It would help if you gave us an error code.
  3. BreadWhistle said:
    It would help if you gave us an error code.

    no error code, bsod flashed briefly before turning off that was when i was trying to load windows from an old harddrive, i have removed the harddrive and the computer turns on, all lights / fans work, its just a blank screen. (have tried different monitors)
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