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Hi guys. My room mate is planning on purchasing parts for a new gaming PC build, and we're wondering what everyone thinks the best time to buy parts is, now (ie early december) or waiting until after the holidays?

I know HDD prices are jacked right now, hopefully dropping with WD reopening its first plant again. also with the release of the 560ti 448, the midrange nvidia cards have all seemingly taken a slight fall recently
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  1. I would suggest waiting a few months, Ivy Bridge is supposedly coming in the 2nd quarter of next year and along with the new Nvidia cards coming out this generation of components should drop down as well. If you were to wait this long then the HDD prices should have dropped back to near original pricing before the floods.

    It really depends on what type of game you play aswell, if you want best performance and spec. then just go with a 120GB SSD if you have the money and wait for the prices to drop.

    If worst comes to worst then you could recycle an old HDD if you have one.
  2. Nex year when the new CPUs and GPUs are out.
  3. The truth is, it doesn't matter. There will always be something newer and better on the horizon. That is the progression of technology. When you have the money and feel ready then purchase what you can afford. Although the hdd prices are ridiculous at the moment so I would try to re use an old one to hold over until they drop again.
  4. Wait. Like others have said, new hardware will be coming but actually, many prices have crept up a little from the E-tailers and the shipping has increased in many cases. Wait until after the holidays.
  5. Even if you're not planning to wait for Ivy Bridge, I'd also wait at least a while now that you've just missed the Black Friday/Tech Monday sales and rebates. "Regular prices" are rarely at their lowest during the holiday season, but it never hurts to keep an eye out for relatively non-perishable parts like drives, case, coolers, etc. But at this point I wouldn't expect any major sales on core components until after Christmas.
  6. looking at the article just posted on the home page, phenom II x4 might be getting grabbed tonight. as far as the HDD, definately planning on waiting out the flood situation.

    somewhat debating the benefits of SSD too, not really sure whether the price/performance is worth it. some people swear by it, but it seems its mostly an impact on load and boot times rather than fps smoothness. seems that now would be the time to go for it though
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