Reall high CPU temps, CPU fan not going over 850 RPM's

For some reason recently my CPU (AMD phenom II x4 955 BE) has been hitting degrees of up to 80C and higher when under load, and it causes stutter. speedfan shows temps of 80C for core and around 70C for temp 1 which is part of the CPU. only problem is that the fan will never kick on. it goes and stays at 850 RPM's. bios settings won't let me change anything but the smart fan which i enabled, din't fix, then disableb, din't fix. i'm thinking AMD cool and quiet MIGHT be disabled since it is set on auto. or maybe even disabling it will fix it. idk really, here are my specs.

cooler master elite 310 460w PSU
collermaster elite 310 case
MSI 870A-g54
PHenom II x4 955 BE
4870 512mb
crucial 4gb 1333mhz ram
stock cooler.

any help would be appreciated, thanks guys
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  1. It sounds like the fan might not be plugged into the right header. Make sure its plugged into CPU_FAN.

    As for C'n'Q, that is a power saving feature. What it does is it will downclock the CPU based on need, so when its idle it will stay around 800MHz when under full load it will hit the max frequency.

    My suggestion is to check the fan header, make sure its plugged in correctly and check the seating of the fan.

    Those stock fans are never that quiet for me, they get louder than anything else in the case even when the CPU is not under heavy load so something is amiss.
  2. ya i made sure it was plugged into CPU_fan, it's next to the ram slots. as fo C n' Q i disabled it but it didn't do nothing. this started happening a little while ago when all my games started to stutter. at first i thought it was GPU, then i used speedfan to check temps on everything and noticed when under load it got really hot. i just changed the thermal paste, but to no avail. btw, what is chassis inscrator or something like that? thanks
  3. Chasis Intrusion? Thats when the mobo is set to disable itself when the case is open.

    Still its strange. Check your BIOS for a PWM feature. Make sure its on. That will make the fan spin faster whe the CPU heats up.

    Or set it to off and the CPU fan will spin at max but I will warn you, those stock Phenom II fans get very loud.
  4. i looked for those too but i couldn't find them at all. under m-cell menu right?
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