Building my first rig .... rigs! $500 protools/premier

Hi all, i often change parts in machines(RAM, HDD, GPU etc...) but have never built a machine from scratch, but am about to build one for myself and one for my sister.

Parts i'm thinking of using

For Myself $500-600.
CoolerMaster CM 690 II USB3.0 Advanced(just wanted a case with USB3 and a HDD dock), an i5-2500k, a motherboard with USB3, Sata3, possibly PCIe3(if priced reasonably), UEFI with a decent automatic overclock and the ability to upgrade to ivy bridge down the track, cheap modular power supply 400-750W, 8gb ram, a cheap graphics card suitable for novice video and audio editing(protools and premier). going to use my old HDD's with an idea to add a SSD for the OS next year when i can afford it.

For my sis $450-500
The second system will use my own bits and pieces(case, power supply, graphics), but will need motherboard, CPU, 4/8 gb ram and approx 1tb HDD. I haven't decided on CPU etc this machine is intended to only do some very amateur video editing and general office duties, so really looking for value for money. Possbly an AM3+ motherboard and a phenom X4, or a 1155 with a i3.

I'm a poor uni student so i'm looking for the best deal possible. Living in Australia so most gear i buy comes from Austin Computers
Thanks heaps
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  1. Budgets? What you can get depends on what you can spend and what you're using your PC for.
  2. my budget is cheap!

    for the first build i'm looking at around $500

    the second under $450

    both in AUD
  3. to meet the budget i could possibly use a lesser CPU, an old GPU and old power supply in the first build temporarily before upgrading next year.
  4. any body preeza herlp me
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