Is my 6790 DOA?

Alright, here is my cool story: my XFX 5870 died, so I had to replace it with something crappier due to budget, so I got a GTX 550 Ti. Problem was, Nvidia has no support whatsoever within the drivers for YPbPr 4:2:2, and that is the pixel format for my screen (32" Sony Bravia). So I am stuck using ATI it seems, since every Nvidia card I would try to use would have weird color distortions and blue and red halos around text. Anyways, I took the Nvidia back and got a XFX 6790. I hate XFX. I knew when I got it that it was a mistake. So sure enough, I get it home, fire it up, install drivers, hop on Perfect World International, and everything is gravy. I was pleasantly surprised. Well, three hours later, right as I am balls deep in a raid tanking a boss, the screen freezes. I thought my game crashed. A loud pop comes through the TV speakers, screen goes black, and then everything goes back to normal, except with the message "AMD driver stopped working but has resumed blah blah" in the system tray. This happens every five minutes for an hour straight. Finally I nerdraged and wiped the harddrive, starting from scratch. Now, when I play my game, every TWENTY SECONDS, the screen freezes, pops, goes black, and comes back. Only now, this is no error message in the systray. Everything is fine when web browsing (flash is a bit slow and laggy), and I ran FurMark for 20 minutes and only got to 69 degrees and not a single error. Is this card a dud, or are the ATI drivers the typical steaming pile I have grown accustomed to? I just built this comp a month ago and have been using a 8400GS (don't laugh) as a place holder with no issues.

Win 7 64-bit
Core i5-2400 @ 3.1
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  1. Yeah forgot to mention that, it is the latest direct from the AMD site, as of today.
  2. 11.9
  3. same here!!
    when i play games like
    mafia 2,nfs world,dirt 3 etc after playin for 1hr it freeze for few seconds and again starts normal........and agian after 1 or 2 hr i again face the same prob!!!!

    and also anyone got any new bios for 6790??
    m havin xfx single fan 6790!!!!!

    first i was having xfx 5770,but after 4 to 5 months after buying it the fan of the gpu was rotating very slow so i gave them and they said u will get replacement......
    next day i called them tht my gpu had came or not...they said,i won't be getting a 5770 instead i will be getting a 6770 so i said ok as it was 6770 and when i got there they were giving me single slot 6770 also which had a very creepy heat-sink i rejected as my 5770 was dual slot and with a very good heatsink!!!
    so after 2 or 3 days of debate they told that i will be gettin a same 5770 so when next day i got there again they were giving me a single slot 5770 as usual i rejected and ask them to give me 6850 or 6790 or two single slot 6770 or 5770 ( just tried my luck [ :) ] ) and i will pay some extra money!!

    so they gave me dual slot xfx HD-679X-ZHFC by just giving them rs.500 (11 dollar)!!!!!
    .i.e, i bought 6790 for rs.7500 (5770 for rs.7000 and 6790-rs.500)

    but yeah xfx sux!!!!
    they just wasted my time!!!
    it was like a war!!
    they also told me tht u will be gettin 6770 only do whtever u want...... sue us or do a police complain whtever u want!!!
    10 to 11 days of debate and got 6790 for cheap!!
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