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Not that it's a big deal, but i noticed for some time that i've been given the Audio-tech badge, even though i never posted there. I think this instead should be the Storage forum, where i actively dominate, so to speak. Basically, all my points were gathered in the Storage forum. So, i think i would have reached the third level of the Storage badge-family. Instead, i can read "You have 8 « best answers » in this section", which can't be true judging from the email-spam about best answers coming from tomshardware. ;-)

If the idea of badges is to identify someones expertise or interest in a certain field, they should work. Someone should be able to see "hey that guy hangs out very frequently on the Overclocking forum, his advice might be more trustworthy for my overclock-question, than someone who specializes in Audio-tech instead. I believe this was the intent of the badges?

Though this is more of a feature request, what is the forum's general feeling about having badges displayed in posts somewhere, like small buttons near the username that when mouse-over-ed will display something like "Storage badge: Gold" for example. Just an idea. At least, that would make the badges really useful. I would like to see where people are coming from, where they hang out frequently. Certainly would be a nice addition to these boards. :)

Kind regards,
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  1. Badges are displayed in the posts. It's right by your username. They only appear in the section where you earned them. See this thread for where the badge appears.
  2. When I look at your profile, I see a bronze and silver storage badge, so it looks like it is working (or was fixed).
  3. Well i don't see them. This is what i see:

    My own profile:

    The thread linked by MadAdmiral:

    Could this be due to the site forcing me to use the UK version? That still causes me to only able to do quick edits; a full edit gives me a permission denied error, as previously reported in this forum.
  4. Yep, it sounds like your in the UK forum. If you move back into the US forum, you'll likely see your storage badges.

    I got no explaination for the audio badge though. It's probably just another of the many glitches in the UK forum.
  5. Problem is i cannot get on the US forum; i keep being redirected.

    But at least people from the US would see the badges on my posts, correct?
  6. Have you tried clearing your browser cache and cookies?
  7. I tried on multiple PCs, even those who never visited tomshardware. Tried win7 / ubuntu etc. Still redirects me as soon as i want to enter the forum. I tried manually changing the URLs; still redirects me.
  8. I've had similar issues before. I found that I could get on the US home page here.

    I seemed to get redirected when I clicked on the forum button. I kept getting put into the UK forum. Look up at the top/right corner. There should be a single flag when you're in the forum. Which country is it?
  9. I'v had this issue a long while back, I got enabled NoScript on TH and problem went away.
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