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Hello gang
Just received a new motherboard, x79 ud3, and installed it into my new build. This build had a hard drive with windows already on it from my old computer. I booted it and POSTed and asked me to choose my drive. Selected windows 7 and it said, Windows is starting. It then BSOD and i couldnt get the text as it was a quick flash and the writing was tiny. However, the computer will now not get to the BIOS splash screen. The screen remains blank. I have pulled all components checked RAM etc and cant find the problem. HELP!!
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  1. Hello Indrick.
    Your problem could be (i belive it is) that the windows 7 was installed under the old Hard drive. This means, that when windows installs, it sets the drivers accordingly to each componenet as well as it can, so basicly, your motherboard is probably confusing the drivers into blue screenin.

    Here is what i would do: Open the pc and take away the Battery for about 10 minutes, or use a reset button if the motharboard has one.

    Put the battery back in but unplug the Hard drive and try booting up to bios.

    If you can do it, get the Windows DVD in, and set booting priority to DVD before the HDD.
    Then once asked, install the windos again (you will probably lose the information on the HDD anyway at this point, but it might save it as an old copy).

    I dont know any other solution unfortunatelly and this will clean your HDD most likely, so you mgiht want to wait for a better answer :D.
  2. Sure thing mate i just put in a clean had drive to see if that would go so hopefully it works if not well :S
  3. What Cats_Paw said is correct. Windows 7 bluescreens because of the driver issue. If you don't want to try a different drive maybe safe mode will work, if it does you can probably install drivers from there. Otherwise another HDD can be used as the boot drive and you can save your old data from the other HDD
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