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I've been using the hd4850 for a while now and it's been holding up fairly well with most titles at 1280x1024 but now I've decided to get a new display, Dell ST2320L 23”, and hence I'm in need of a new GPU to play at 1080 .
The two cards that I'm looking for are the HD 6870 and the Nvidia GTX 560 (no ti) and would like to know what the community feels about the two.

P.S my CPU is a E7500 Core 2 duo 2.93 and as my budget is a bit stretched I cannot go for a cpu upgrade along with the two mentioned above, would the processor cause significant bottlenecking?
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  1. Don't bother with the 560 non Ti, it's just a tweaked GTX460 (same core count just higher clockspeed).
  2. dirtyferret said:
    bottlenecks would depend on the game but as is, your CPU won't prevent you from playing a game.

    the two cards are basically equal in all around performance. check benchmarks for the games you prefer to play, then see which card gives you the edge. the AMD tends to be cheaper then the Nvidia counterpart.

    In India, the price difference is marginal between the two ($12) and I am also starting to favour the 6870
  3. Quote:
    I would suggest the 6870 over the non TI 560 and overclock your cpu as far as you can get it.
    However if you can afford an upgrade to a quadcore cpu that will help massively.

    I've already stretched my budget to the limit and getting a new cpu would also involve getting a new motherboard
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