Acer Aspire t180 upgrade or get new?

Hey guys i was wondering If i should get a new psu and a video card to help my comp game better or should i just save up my money for my comp? Here are the specs
Acer Aspire t180
the motherboard is a HT 2000
processor AMD athlon 64 processor 3500+ 2.20 ghz
4 gb ddr2 ram
32 bit operating system
Video card is a hd 4350 1gb ddr2
and the PSU is a delta electronics 245w max output

I only have about $110 to spare right now and want to know if its worth even upgrading this comp or saving up to build a new one, and if its worth upgrading the PSU and graphics card which one's to get that would help me play wow alot smoother.
Thank you
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  1. Save your money towards newbuild!
  2. Anyone else gonna back tht up I want to get a descent rig for wow!!!!!!!!!!
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    You might as well save for a new rig. By the time you get everything in your old rig upgraded to run together, you'll already have most of a new rig.
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