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when i install the pc probe software,it shows a warning that chassis fan speed is 0 rpm.what to do?if its dangerous for computer?
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  1. You may not have a fan hooked up to that particular header. You can look on your mobo for the Chassis Fan Header and see that there is no physical connection. If you have one on the Chassis, then look at your fans and see if one isn't spinning.

    The CPU cooler fan is the most important and you'd know if it's out, the computer would do random shut downs when it got too hot on the CPU.
  2. scottiemedic +1
    Right, go and check the fan is hooked up or not. Fix it if needed.
    Or the fan is dead, go and pick up a new case fan.
  3. You might have your case fan(s) hooked up directly to the power supply.
    If that is the case the motherboard (and the health monitoring software) can't sense the fan operating.

    What case do you have?
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