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Hi, i have a 700w power supply in my computer that i recently installed because the last one short circuited. Thank god none of the other internal components failed. Is there like a surge protector or something that will protect my pc from any damage from psu failure. Like an auto shut down feature or reserve power. And i need it to be low price. I live next to a bestbuy, radioshack, and target. If you can find anything from there it would be nice.
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  1. A quality PSU today has all the protection built in so it does not damage other components. A surge protector will protect the PSU from fluctuation from the wall. What PSU do you have?
  2. Just buy a decent surge protector with built-in MOV's @ $20-40.
    Don't buy a cheap plain power bar = glorified extension cord!
    Cyberpower makes good ones.the higher the joules the better!
  3. i have an ArcTic 700w power supply from ibuypower so its pretty low quality.
  4. Yep get a surge protector!
  5. Remember my last psu blew out. I use my pc A LOT! So should i get a new psu or a uninterrupted power supply
  6. I also use my ps3
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    First thing!
    Buy a decent surge protector regardless.
    You don't need a UPS because a better quality psu is a better investment when you're ready to upgrade your current unit.
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