A gaming cpu build for $680

MY bugget is $680.

I already have psu 600watts cooler master, 9800gt graphics card and hdd

i need a new processor a motherboard and ram,

MY options are:

1.processor:I7 2600k or amd fx 8120

2.motherboard: no idea for my budget.(sli supported needed)

3.graphics card :should i go for anohter 9800gt and sli it or buy a new one (please suggest one)

Main task of my pc is gaming (like battlefield 3 ,skyrm, codmw3)

Please somebody help me in this coz in my place nobody knows about these things.
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  1. For gaming save money and get I5 2500K, the I7 bring little to nothing on the table for gaming. Get a new card sell your 9800GT.
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  4. Thanks a lot cutebeans.............
    cutebeans said:
  5. Close this topic! :) You're welcome.
  6. Before I even looked at the posts I was going to suggest the 2500k and Extreme3 Gen3 board because that's what I just purchase not to long ago and it works wonderful!!

    Also a tip.. if you *must* get that cpu combo to save a few dollars do so. Otherwise buy the 8gb Sniper G.Skill ram kit as I've been able to OC my build to 4.3GHz rock solid without the need to adjust ram timings. :)
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