HTPC Build ($800)

Hey guys I want to build an HTPC for my living room on my 64 inch Samsung 8000 Series. My max after tax is $800.


Budget Range: $800 total

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Watching Blu-Rays, watching movies in something like XBMC, netflix, games.. Its an HTPC!

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,

Country: USA

Additional Comments: May use this to play games like Skyrim, etc.
Also I would like to put it in my bookshelf so a smaller case would be much better.
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  2. Forgot to mention I would like to put it in my bookshelf so a smaller case would be much better.
  3. Don't know much about ITX cases. Sorry.
  4. It's cool man! I do like the build you came up with tho. I know making an HTPC is verrry easy. I just like seeing peoples opinions.
  5. Good luck then. :D
  6. Alternate case suggestions

    SILVERSTONE Sugo Series SG05BB-450 w/ 450w PSU - 119.99

    SILVERSTONE Sugo SG05-B w/ 300w PSU - 104.99

    subbing these should keep it under 800 give you a little more room for growth if needed while maintaining a small case.

    Mini-ITX street cred
  7. nekko said:

    I was going smaller, but that case will work with the equipment I listed, but you will need to purchase a power supply separate I would recommend around 300 watts... and get the measurements of the power supply as that case supports one up to 180 mm deep.... I had a desktop case like that for my htpc at one point (when it was micro-atx instead of mini-itx)... ended up trashing it think it was the nmediapc one on the page lower down.... also grab measurements and make sure you want something that big 5.91" x 17.32 x 8.74 vs 10.87" x 6.93" x 8.74" for the two silverstones I listed.

    it is a nice case and at this point I would say with no PSU included it comes down to aesthetics and cost... pick what you like and can afford... should be a pretty beastly htpc... check measurements and you might be able to put the 560ti that was recommended in there too... but that will more than likely be louder (another important consideration with htpc) than the low profile 6670 I suggested.
  8. What about A8-3850 or i3 2100?
  9. i3 2100 with the setup I gave would work fine. With the a8 3850 from what I understand you could probably forgo the video card and use the on die one... Also with the other case you mentioned you would have to change out the blu-ray drive I suggested because that is a slim drive made for smaller cases/laptops...

    A8-3850 - 129.99 (sold out at newegg except OEM w/o heatsink)

    ASRock A75M-ITX FM1 AMD A75 - 89.99
  10. So you think the gpu on the a8 would be okay for call of duty mw 3 and skyrim?
  11. I would say skyrim should be no problem because it's pretty cpu bound, not sure about modern mw 3, but there are videos of people with the 3850 playing it on youtube, unfortunately I'm at work so I can't exactly review it and let you know... one of them seems to notate that they're getting about 40fps though.
  12. Thanks man
  13. nekko said:
    Thanks man

    no prob man...

    I would go with the amd system + the 300w silverstone it would be the small enough to fit nicely on a book shelf and very powerful
  14. Alrighty
  15. AND.... it will smash your budget at 477.95 before shipping/taxes woot
  16. That sounds awesome :) maybe a SSD purchase coming also
  17. in that case I have very little experience with SSDs but I do know most people on here recommend the crucial m4 series
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