Asus BIOS update Through NTFS HDD using EZflash

Hello all,
I just updated my Asus P8H61-Mlx bios by just entering into bios & giving path of downloaded bios .rom file from download folder, NO usb(fat 32 formatted !!!) NO floppy... WOW.... :bounce:

then why its mention in every blog or forum that u need a fat 32 formatted pen drive or floppy to this process???
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  1. Because you probably reading something old.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    but in my mobo manual it's written itself.
    still wow it just took me 5 mins to update the BIOS. so easy now a days......
    after first reboot it ask me press F1 to recover BIOs & i again flashed the same file. then it went fine. is there anything that needs to be taken care of? :)
  3. Asus always has several ways to update bios. That's just in case you can't boot to windows or something. Yes, the way from bios is the easiest. You can still do it from usb or from CD. Heck, if you have a floppy you could still do it with that.
  4. ohh and now my mobo supports ivy bridge processors also....
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