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Can't Decide on Case

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March 10, 2012 6:07:11 AM

I am planning on putting together a new build in the summer and was starting to research parts, but can't decide on a case.

here is a rough estimate of what I will be using in the computer to give you an idea of what I need in a case.
i5 2500k (plan to OC with hyper 212 plus cooling)
Asrock z68 extr3 gen 3 mobo
8gb ram (corasair or gskill etc)
still not sure for GPU either 560ti, 6850, one of the new amd or new nvidia but around the $150-$250ish range
unsure of PSU may go basic what is needed or bump up for future CF/SLI, trusted name brand either way

now that you know the basics, these are the cases I have been looking at with some pros and cons. *Note all the cases are asthetically pleasing to me, I just want functionality experience and opinions*

-possibly my favorite at the moment. Good price, airflow, HDD management, space for larger GPU, and ability to use red 200mm fans.
- have heard cable management can be hard also no window or painted inside and lack of good dust filters

HAF912 plus
-everything I like about the base 912 with the fans I want and the inside painted.
- unfortunately not offered in the US for the listed price

CM Storm enforcer
-basically the HAF912 advanced model, has the aspects of the 912 I like with a window painted interior and red fans.
- one of the pricier cases I was looking at, still weak on the dust filter side, with the mobo i was looking at the usb 3.0 would go to waste.

-more space than the 912 as well as more fan power, semi window on side.
- Pricey like the storm enforcer, not painted inside, older outdated model, very sub-par dust filters.

CM Storm Scout
- similar features to the HAF models, side window, interior painted.
- 140mm fans instead of 200, cramped space (reviews say lack of space for HDD wires), reports of small amounts of static causing computer restarts.

CM 690 II advanced
-have heard a lot of positives and recommendations for this case, painted, grill window, decent filters
- 140mm fans, read more fans need to be purchased to get decent airflow, not as crazy about the blue led's, don't see myself using the swap drive, lots of reviews about cramped space and static resets. very mixed bag on this case not sure what to think

That is what I have found so far. If anyone knows of any other cases along these lines feel free to mention them and why you like them. Any and all suggestions for and against the cases I listed appreciated

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March 10, 2012 6:16:11 AM

To be honest, its really up to you on what you need in a case.

if it has the main things:
* Good airflow
* Enough expansion slots to feel your needs
* The ammount of fans to make you happy
* Good ammount of space, and holes for good cable management

In my opinon, I like the HAF 922 :) 
a c 111 ) Power supply
March 10, 2012 6:17:30 AM

I've got both the 912 and storm scout, first off the 912 is awesome, many places to hide cables etc and excellent cooling! The storm scout looks cool, however the cable management is very bad. I suggest the 912! It is the best budget case around that offers great cooling and expansion into watercooling.
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March 10, 2012 11:41:44 AM

I recommend the 912 also. I've got it and I love it. Good wiring options, great air flow and fan options, convenient "up top" placement of usb/audio jacks and more "expandability' then I'll ever need.
I shopped around and researched for a long time for my build and believe that, for money, this is the best case available. A few years back I built a system around a Xion case, side window, pretty lights, the whole nine yards. My daughter still uses it today. For me the window/lights thing was not what was important in this build. I just wanted a good, quality case that could handle whatever I chose to put in it. And this case was it. Good Luck in your choice. :) 
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March 10, 2012 1:07:43 PM

Yep the 912 is your best option.
The HAF912 plus is available about twice a year at the CM Store for N.A. customers.
Sells out very fast = check the site often.
I have a 690II = never had any issues in over 2yrs = great case with plenty of room.
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March 10, 2012 1:31:45 PM

Even though it's not on your list .... Corsair Graphite Series 600T

* plenty of room for everything
* easily removable dust filters everywhere
* built in fan control
* plenty of options for additional fans and replacing fans
* really good quality and cable management

The white version comes with a solid window AND a mesh (that can hold up to 4 fans), so you can choose what you want in your side panel.
The black version comes with just the mesh, but you can purchase the solid window separately.
a c 111 ) Power supply
March 10, 2012 4:22:33 PM

I want one too, but it's 100 bucks more than a haf 912.
a b ) Power supply
March 10, 2012 5:17:26 PM

That Corsair Graphite Series 600T is one fine looking case - though it could lose the fire wire port and add a sata IMO. If I had the $ I'd consider it. Wait then I'd have to buy all new stuff to put in it and give my 912 to my wife? Yeah that's so not happening! :lol: 
March 11, 2012 5:55:34 AM

I hear storm enforcer is pretty good not to mention it looks boss but if ur budget doesnt limit you, check out dark fleet 30 or 85 by antec, 10/10 on both.