Can I upgrade my laptop???????

OMG peoples. stop saying "oh tooo bad, you have to buy a new laptop" well continue reading. I have a Gateway NV53A laptop with the ati mobility radeon 4250 and AMD M880G chipset. Please, i want a good answer. Based on my chipset and laptop, can i upgrade my graphics card, and if yes, what are my upgrade options? And if you say i cant upgrade, tell me why! and it has to be related to my chipset. Im looking forward to responses
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  1. No you cannot. The graphic card is soldered into the motherboard. Your laptop needs a MXM slot to upgrade; either Type I, II, or III. The type defines the size format as more powerful cards requires a larger format size.

    Generally speaking, at least 98% of laptops out there cannot have their graphic card upgraded. Those few that can be upgraded are gaming laptops to begin with and they generally start at $1,500. Not all gaming laptops can be upgraded either, only certain ones.
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