First build advice please!

Hi, I am looking at doing my first build for myself, on a very tight budget.
I have experience in putting PCs together, but never having chosen the components myself.

So, my question for the forums is:

What components would you recommend for someone who wants to spend around £200 on a CPU, Motherboard, Case/PSU, and 4GB of RAM (Already have a HDD/GFX Card).

I know I can't get great performance for this, but I know I can get some reasonable components for a first build, and was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for the best performance I'll get out of this.

I have no AMD/Intel preference, but I realise AMD often gives better performance per pound.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Hi Joe,

    When posting for build advice such as this one, please fill out the template on the main forum page. It will help everyone get a better understanding of what you need and can afford.
  2. Thanks, have just posted. How can I delete this thread?
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