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i grabbed my little brother one of these at christmas for his new rig owing to the large selection of features for such a small low end board and its currently paired with an athlon 640 and a HD7850, does anyone know if it supports piledriver CPUs?
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  1. Yes, It supports only 95 Watt revisions, the only Piledriver CPU this will support is the soon to be released FX-8300 @ 3.3GHz with BIOS P1.30 or higher. I highly suggest NOT using that CPU in this board. This board is an entry level board with nVidia 630a Chipset. The bandwidth this chipset is capable of is less then half of a AMD 880G chipset based board. The board you want should have 2400MHz or higher FSB, your board has 1000MHz. You'd probably wouldn't get any more performance then a Phenom II X4.
  2. fair enough, i dont know much about chipsets and neglected to check the issue when buying it, but its a good enough board for now and a SSD should make it fast enough to last him a while
  3. It's perfectly fine, Its a great choice of a board to pair with an AMD Athlon series CPU and 4-8GB of RAM.
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