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Hey Guys,

Running 32GB (4x8GB) @ 1866MHz RAM. Now when I run MaxxMEM my read speed is about 12GB/s and write is 5.5GB/s now from what I have read this seems very slow. I realized most of the comparison benchmarks are 4GB Modules which score upwards of 10+GB/s Write and 18+GB/s Read. Are my 8GB modules the reason for such a low amount of bandwidth? I already have an RMA setup because it's well within 30 days and I was considering to do 16GB (4x4GB) if that will resolve this issue.

MOBO: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
CPU: AMD FX-8350 (IMC: Unganged)
RAM: Patriot Viper III 32GB (4x8GB) 1866MHz

Any help would be greatly appriciated.
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  1. sori i'm newbie here,,

    isn't it PC3 15000? shouldn't it work in 15GB/s? how could it reach 18+GB/s? could you provide us the benchmark link?
  2. It's alright, The speed of the RAM is determined by multiple factors including dual channel, If one stick of RAM has a maximum theoretical bandwidth 14.9GB/s or 15GB/s (depending on which type of 1866) you can almost double that in dual channel mode.

    As stated in this article: (933 million hertz * (2 interfaces) * (64 lines/interface) * (2 bits/line-cycle)) = 238,848 Mbit/s, or 29,856 MB/s, or 29.15 GB/s. (PC14900)

    I believe this issue is relating to the integrated memory controller in my case, but the past week of constant tweaks and stability problems on the FX-8350 system leads me to believe I received a non golden chip and have almost no capacity to overclock, the thing barely runs stable at stock voltages but does run stable with a little boost on VCORE and stock frequencies which is absolutely unacceptable. I tore down the whole system and setup a return for MOBO/CPU/RAM and getting a 3770K.
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