A good and cheap tower case

I am not gonna put a budget because i don't know what are the average prices but my pc specs are

Asus Crosshair III Formula
AMD Phenom II X4 3.4 Ghz 965 BE
ATI 5770 Series HD
4 Gigs of ram
Cougar 7000M

my problem is that my current tower is supposed to have 2 120mm fans one on top that throw in air into the case and another at the back that exctracts it, my PSU was too big for the case so whoever built the computer decided to sacrifice the top fan, and i am paying for it now in terms of CPU temperature, i am currently using a big home fan that sends in air through the side of my case(i didn't remove the sidE) it's keeping temps at 30-35 idle and 50-60 gaming and i live in Egypt which is a hot country.

Can you recommend a tower case that has 2-3 fans with good airflow and not too expensive at the same time?
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  1. Antec 300. Case closed (no pun intended.)... dammit. Long was faster than me.
  2. Quote:
    That's the Antec 300 Illusion it is a few dollars more.

    Is this illusion as well? anyway i'll search for it, hope i can find it here in egypt for a good price, any other suggestions?
  3. Antec = middle east products!
    The following cases are good quality/affordable and ship with at least 2 fans
    One Hundred/Window
    Three Hundred
    Three Hundred Two
  4. :hello: Ditto on the Antec. They make good cases. I'm still using 2 Antec performance series case's from builds I assembled years ago, one for a daughter and one for the wife. Never any complaints.
    One suggestion though. Most people use the top fans as exhaust to take the heat out. Have you tried them that way?
  5. Good cheap case = very good value for included features = 2 fans/USB3.0
    NZXT Source 210 Elite
    Very good mid-level case= have one!
    Cooler Master CM 690 II Plus Case= 3 fans
    Click the case pictures = expands to many pictures
  6. i have just got a cm storm enforcer case for about £60 it has a 200mm fan at the front 120mm at the rear and has the space for either 2x120mm or 1x200mm at the top, also it has plenty of space for watercooling if you feel that its not cool enough
  7. Quote:
    NZXT GUARDIAN 921RB, is what you need. it has 3 fans prebuilt,blue or red led,cpu-sxs-hdd temp monitor in front and it rocks.
    It has many features,just search for it and at a price of 70$

    It is a good looking case but I thought the OP wanted a Tower case (full size)? I could be wrong though.
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