Should i get an intel or amd processor for gaming?

i am upgrading my CPU to intel core i3 2100. im also thinking of AMD Phenom II x4 955BE/Phenom II X2 555

so what should i get for gaming like modernwarfare3, battlefield 3, crisis series, rage, gta4.
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  1. Get the i3. Seriously check the benchmarks and comparisons on the internet and on various topics around the forum.
  2. Intel Core i5 2500k

    beats all of the AMD processors.
  3. Go with the I3,3106.html
    955BE for the right price can be a good choice as well!
  4. I would go for the i3 or maybe even wait until the ivy bridge is released and you might be able to afford the i5 by then.
  5. The 955 and i3 are both good CPUs for the price, but the 960t can unlock to a six core sometimes, and may help in some cases like video editing and if you find a game that will actually support six threads.

    For pure power the i3 is better, but keep in mind it cannot be overclocked.
  6. A Core i3-2100 can compete very well against a Phenom II X4 980 when it comes to games.
  7. I would do i3 then later on upgrade to a 2500K or a Ivy Bridge quad core, but make sure to get a P67, Z68 or H67 mobo for IB support plus a Gen3 will mean PCIe 3.0 which will make the system last a bit longer before presenting bottlenecks.
  8. i3-2100, then upgrade either to a sandybridge i5, i7. Or an ivybridge i3, i5, or i7.
  9. i3-2100, i5-2500K, or i7 2600K...depends on how much you want to spend
  10. Go for the i3 2100 as Intel is going to take time releasing the entire Ivy Bridge lineup.
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