GTX 570 or GTX 560 Ti - I only want to run 1 card

I'm pretty new here and to forums in general, so sorry if this topic has been touched on already.

I'm not super interested in SLI (maybe someday down the road) and would like to know if the price difference between the 570 superclocked and the 560 ti (i think there is a superclocked version) is worth it.

I plan on playing BF3 and SWTOR. Mostly SWTOR. I'd like to get as close to maxing out both but I know BF3 will be much more taxing. Can anyone provide any insight before I make my purchase?

GTX 570 Superclocked or GTX 560 ti? Is the extra money for the 570 worth it?

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  1. If you are at 1080P or higher resolution then the extra money is worth it!
  2. If you can afford it the GTX 570 is the card you want.
  3. 570 hands down
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