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I'm planning to buy this memory

when I read this forum about memory, they said that for the first time, memory isn't work in their max performance, you need to OC it if you want to max their performance. Is that true? If so, how could I do that?
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    If you have h67 like I think you do, you cannot overclock. Ram will default to the cpu/mobo default speed.

    Also get ram without tall heatsinks, they will get in the way of most aftermarket coolers if you ever want to get one.
  2. yes, u r right, I have h67
    and it's have DDR3 1333/1066 Hz
    so there is no point of getting above that frequency like the memory I want to buy?

    edit: I think I don't want to buy any cooler
  3. There is no point, you won't be able to set it higher than 1333. But if it costs the same, then you might as well get higher.
  4. ram beyond 1333mhz will not gain you much at all anyway, so dont worry about it.
  5. thank you for the answer :)
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  7. btw just in case I'm going to upgrade my MB I would stick to that memory,, thanks :D
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