Will it work? ASRock Extreme4-Sandy bridge-USB ports?

So about a week back, i went into my bios (P67A-GD55) and reset it to factory defaults, When it restarted, it wouldn't post, i wacked the Clear-CMOS switch and it still hung at an odd place.

I can only get into the bios after a C-CMOS, every other boot just hangs. i have no clue what happened.

So instead of paying $130 to get it looked at, i bought an ASRock extreme 4 for $150
(its faster to order a board then to have it fixed were i am, + a high possibility it wont get fixed.) Tho now, im reading that because of my SB CPU, i will loose USB 3.0 Support.
I have 5 devices in my back panel USB. Keyboard, mouse, Mic, headset and external drive. I have four USB 3 and two USB 2, And all my devices are USB 2.
Does this mobo have a third party usb controller, or am i up for an Ivy bridge CPU aswell?
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    USB3.0 support is independent from which CPU you are using. The USB3.0 ports are controlled via the Intel Z77 PCH (2 ports + 1 header) and ASMedia ASM1042 (2 ports).

    If you want to use the mouse and keyboard before the OS is loaded, then please remember to connect them to USB2.0 ports.
  2. You will lose PCI Gen3 support since your using a Sandy Bridge CPU.
    But for now PCI-3 is useless, its largely a future-proofing thing to pave the way for PCI storage mediums later on.

    Even premium graphics cards dont require more than PCI-2 8x bandwidth, youl be fine fine.
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