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What does the hammer mean beside my name?

Excuse my noobness, but I have this bronze/gold hammer beside my name, and I have seen it on a few other names too, what does it exactly mean? I've always wondered what it was every since I lurked around the site before joining. It's in every section I am in, so I am assuming that it is not related to badges.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.
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    It means you have more than 5 badges(either bronze,silver or gold)
    I just checked your profile and you have 5 bronze badges,so you'll get a bronze hammer on top of your name :D
  2. It should also be pointed out that the hammer is there no matter what section you're in, unlike the badges.
  3. How come I don't see these hammers beside people's names?

    I have seen them in screen shots but can't see one right now.
  4. I can see them fine with both of my mod and non-mod accounts.
  5. Me 2^
    So maybe you browse the UK forums strangest ? try checking the US's site too
  6. Ok thanks guys, I appreciate it.
  7. You are welcome :)

    Sorry but I just realized I have a hammer beside my name and I was like... what is this!?

    Now I know. Thanks guys! (this was the first post to come up with a search :D )
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