Motherboard and Graphics card compatibility

Very new to computer hardware in general, and I am about to buy a computer from my friend, because he is upgrading.

He has an Intel desktop D915PBL motherboard and a Geforce 7800 GT graphics card.

I was wondering if the Geforce 570 was compatible with it, or if I would have to get something else.
It currently has a 600W power supply and I can get any other info I need from him soon

Thanks in advance
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  1. Yes a GTX 570 will work in that board, but it will be severely bottle necked by any CPU the board can accept. I believe that board will only accept Pentium 4 single core processors. And the RAM is only DDR2 533MHZ max. Extremely slow.
    As far as the 600W PSU, it all depends on the quality of the PSU. We need make/model of the unit to see if it is a "real" 600W.
  2. Thanks!
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