Screen black out after XMP setings for RAM

Hello and thanks for reading

System specs:
Processor: Intel I7-920
MOBO: Intel DX580G
RAM: Patriot Xtreme 1600 24GB
OS: Windows 8

I'm new to overclocking and was reading on this site that using the XMP settings for the RAM in the bios would automatically bring the RAM up to the manufacture's advertized settings, in this case for my new build machine, 1600. Originally the speed was 1033.

After turning the specs to XMP and saving the changes, the machine rebooted and the screen completely went blank (black). The fan's running and all indications are that the system is "running" but without the screen on, how do I change the settings in the bios back to the standard?

Also, is there a way to get this system to run the RAM at 1600? or am i stuck with the 1033 as indicated on the intel I7-920 specs from the intel website?

Thanks for reading and helping if you can.
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  1. So here's an update. I tried reinstalling the bios using the intel websites instructions


    using the "recovery bios"

    That didn't fix the black out issue. After that I tried removing the RAM, booting up, and hoping it'd take me to BIOS. That didn't work.

    so i'm completely blacked out from bios, have no idea how to reinstall the bios or reset it to its factory standards, and completely out of ideas on where else to look.

    Please Help!
  2. Update: Got it fixed by removing the MOBO battery and using the "back to bios" button on the mobo.

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