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hello guys i came here to ask cos i know i can get the best advice. my current system is amd athlonii x2 250 running @ 4.1ghz,4x 1g crucial pc6400, ecs a780gm-a 1.1, seasonic s12 ii 500w. and a nvidia 9800gt,,, i was thinking of an upgrading my vc to a gtx470, can my system go with it or i may get a bottleneck, im getting my card in a week now.
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  1. You shouldn't bottleneck but why go for the GTX470? Their are far better cards out their for the money and power.

    What is your budget?
  2. not a 570 only 470 slite higher than a 460. and my athlon has an overclock of 4.1ghz, my buget range is150-200 USD, pls if u could give more recommendations
  3. upgrading the cpu also not planned its only the vc to upgrade
  4. i game @ 1680x1050
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    At that resoultion I would reccomend going with a 6870.
  6. i play the latest games like dirt3,shift2,fI 2010, cod BO. my 9800gt played them well though, but i want some dx11 effects too. coz i missed with my current card
  7. i think i go with the 6870 acc. to its prety much the same in performence, and less power hungry, thanks to "purple stank"
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  9. Welcome
  10. just thought id say nice overclock before MM closes up. is there any more room to overclock ?
  11. no more its the highest it can go, if i go beyond that, the system is unstable
  12. Thought what I thought.On the Phenom ii and Athlon ii chips you start to hit a wall at around >4.2ghz.
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