Best speed setting for for Dual Band router if we can't see 5GHz


This is probably a stoopid question but I've confused the hell out myself.

Bought a DGND3300v2 router/modem to replace the standard Sky crappy router due to limited range and frequent disconnects.

My g/f and I both have Acer laptops and whilst they support 802n they don't appear to support the 5GHz band as I can only see the N network when I set it to 2.4GHz.

So it looks like the optimal setting is the N network at 300mbs on 2.4GHz (with G network off).

Is this the best setting to use if we cannot get 5GHz?

Also, I'm confused on speed. If we have 10MB broadband then does 145mbs or 300mbs make a difference? i.e. is the router or the broadband the bottleneck?

Apologies if this is a dumb question but my head hurts and google is driving me nuts trying to find an answer.

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  1. your setting are right.

    the bottleneck is the Broadband
  2. Thanks Emerald,

    And at the risk of asking another really stoopid question.

    If my broadband is 10MB then what is the max speed I can expect to get out the router?

    Surely it can't be 10MB translates to 10mbps from router? Otherwise whats all the fuss about G band doing up to 54mbps and N doing 300mbps.

    As far as I know fibre optic offers the biggest broadband speeds but thats more like 30MB not 300MB.

    Can anyone explain this in simple terms as I'm coming to the conclusion I'm a lot dumber than I previously thought!!

  3. by the way your internet connection is not 10MB it is 10Mb=1.3MB.

    FiOS is 50Mb/20Mb = 6.25MB/2.5MB

    G-wireless is fast enough in most cases to browse the internet, when it come to file transfer on your local network the N-wireless is preferred to keep up with 100/1000 wired networks
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