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Hello, so i bought ram and case and motherboard recently and decided to move all my stuff from old motherboard and old case to new one. I have amd phenom 1100t, 2x4 g skill 2133 and mobo asus crosshair v formula and haf x 942 case so ive moved all my stuff to new case carefully plugged in everything onto new mobo i put too much thermal paste on my cpu and when i put heatsink and wanted to remove my cpu on new case it stick to the thermal sink. Dont think its big deal well. So i put all my stuff into new case and new mobo. And after connecting everything and trying to boot. The leds flash fans move like 1 cm and nothing happens. I have leds turned on on motherboard when connected to power. Everything worked fine in last case and old mobo. I Tried everything went through trouble shoot check list and nothing. 1 ram no ram 2 ram sticks different slots.. Nothing checked the wiring if its all good and still nothing. So ive moved it all back to my old motherboard and same thing happens. The only thing that happens is red led for cpu lights up everything else green. Speaker doesnt give any beeps... I dont know how cpu could die if it did cause nothing happened to it. Please help anyone!!!
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  1. My specs amd phenom 3.3 1100t 750watt psu. Asus v crosshair. G skill 2133 2x 4gb. 2x radeon 4850. Stock heatsink
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  3. Go here:

    Work thru the list. WORK, not just read!
    If you still have issues, tell us where in the list it failed, and we will try to help you!

    Good Luck!
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