Upgrading from a C2D E8400 with 8GB DDR2 to ?

I want to upgrade to something that will make the encoding and ripping faster than it is now. I only use this computer for ripping my DVD's, converting them to appletv format using Handbrake and then streaming them to my appletv's.

I will reuse the power supply I have which is a Mushkin 550 modular
I will reuse the case I have which is a basic mid tower black case
I will reuse the dvd drive I have which is a Lite-on 16X
I am not interested in hard drive upgrades at this time

I am looking for a motherboard and CPU recommendation
I am looking for a DDR3 RAM recommendation

I will be adding a blu-ray drive to rip my blu-rays

I am trying to stay under 600 for this upgrade if possible but I also want the best ripping / encoding I can afford so if I go over a little bit I will understand.

I am not interested in gaming so I prefer a motherboard with video out built in which from what I understand would mean I need the z68 chipset?

Would everyone recommend the i2500K? or should I be looking at a different processor for encoding since I don't game at all?
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  1. You sound like one of the few people who should go bulldozer: FX8150. It kills a 2500 (and 2600) in handbrake.
    Any cheap 970 board.
    8GB of 600 RAM
  2. would the FX 6100 be a good processor to start out with and then upgrade to the 8150 when the price comes down? or is there an intel chip I should be looking at, or waiting for a specific chip that is scheduled to be coming out soon?
  3. An 8120 would be a good value choice, and after that the 6100 would be OK.

    Intel chips are mostly quad core, and without hyper threading enabled, they can't compete in something well threaded like handbrake (though they'l be faster at most everything else) The 2600/2600k would do well, but it is not a "value option". Ivy bridge will continue to restrict hyper threading and 6+ core CPU's to the $$$ chips, so nothing to look forward in terms of value.
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