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processor fan is running. front red light is showing bt not the green one.
And if i connect LCD to CPU then it doesn't give ny display.
plz tell me the solution..
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  1. try swapping in a known working PSU
  2. take it to a computer store, its hard to say what's wrong with the pc with no can be a bad motherboard but the only way to test it is to have spare pc parts
  3. anonymous1 said:
    try swapping in a known working PSU

    I would think the PSU works if the lights turn on and his cpu heatsink fan is spinning
  4. system information would be nice
  5. Step 1:- Check your RAM i.e. swap it with another one & See if this works.
    Step 2 :- If RAM is not the the problem, check VGA cable(connects from CPU to motherboard)
    exchange it with another one.

    Step 3: - If RAM & VGA cable are Ok then check your Graphics card.
    Step 4 :- If all of the above are OK & still there is no display then im quite sure that the problem is with the BGA chipset
    I.C. You can try getting your BGA I.C. replaced with a new one or get a new motherboard.

    Which motherboard are u using ??

    Amit Anpat
  6. Correction in Step 2 :- VGA cable ( connects from CPU to Monitor)

    Amit A.
  7. PSU
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