Gtx 560ti problem help plz


I have a msi gtx 560ti Hawk had it for 2 months now,all was good till today when playing wow cata it frost and then i got a black screen.After 20-40sec the screen came back with "Display driver stopped responding and has recoverd" the game was still going it didnt stop it but now im worried b/c i had a ati hd 5750 that did that and after 2 weeks it stop working.So i want to ask i should call MSI and have it RMA and can this be my motherboard that is damaging my video cards?

pc spec
AMD Athlon II X4 635 2.9GHz
6GB ddr3
750GB hhd
case -cooler master haf 912
hp 20" hd lcd 1600x900
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  1. It couldn't be your motherboard, your PSU could do it. What is the wattage on it?
    Not likely though.

    Put your card under a few stress tests and see if it repeats.
    Remove all traces of graphics drivers and fresh install them from Nvidia site. T

    Repeat stress tests.
  2. It's a common son used to get tons of them in WoW on his box (EVGA GTX295 FTW) ..... it also wouldn't maintain the factory OC...... 5 RMA's later they sent a 480 and that's been fine.

    SOP is :

    1. Uninstall Driver, reboot
    2. Remove all things nVidia from BIOS w/ registry cleaner (Ccleaner), reboot
    3. Install new driver, reboot
    4. Run OCCT GPU test, observe temps and voltages for anything weird
  3. i runned msi kombustor(without uninstalling anything just to see) for 15mins and the card runned find temp were 72c and fans got up to 65% one thing tho my cpu when up to 80% but there was no lag or anything..
  4. Or PSU is giving issues.
  5. my psu is Thermaltake TR2 W0388RU 600W ATX 12V v2.2 and i also play bfbc2 ,black ops but this was the first time that i got "nvidia windows kernel mode driver stopped responding version 280"
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