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Best AMD CPU For Multi-GPU Setup

I have Two 6870s in crossfire and a serious case of cpu bottleneck i have a phenom ii x2 555 unlocked to 4 cores running at 3.6ghz the 6870s never hit 100% load
i get like 30% to 40% load so im looking for a new CPU to buy so what do you guys think will be a good CPU?. :??:
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    use max resolution and settings in games to hit gpu usage,
    phenom 2 x4 980 or phenom 2 x 6 1100t are best.
    also you can overclock themto 4.3ghz.
    i have overclocked my 1090t to 3.9ghz@1.30v on 4 cores(stock is 3.2@1.35v on 6 cores) and temps remain around 45'c during prime95 at stock cooling.
  2. An X4 @3.6GHz should work fine with your cards! What resolution are you playing at? More likely that you have overkill for it with your GPU's.
  3. I play 1920x1080 resolution the phenom ii x2 555 is unlocked to 4 cores its overclock to 3.6GHz the stuck speeds are 3.2GHz i heard that its i bit faster than the 965 at 3.6GHz if i overclock it to 3.9GHz ill be at the level of the 980 but its not a stable overclock at that speed. what do you guys think about the FX CPUs
  4. Not worth it for gaming
  5. yeah i know it was good enough for 1 6870 ran at 100% load but not for 2

    Nice chart here.

    Keep in mind that currently the SIX-CORE CPU's don't provide much benefit compared to four core. However, in the future those extra cores will provide more benefit (and now for converting video).

    Therefore, a six-core CPU on this chart will provide better value in the future for gaming once games are better optimized for multi-threading.

    I recommend this CPU (with a good heatsink/fan to overclock):

    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Thuban 6 Core
  7. More importantly what mobo do you have exactly?
  8. im thinking about buying the 1100t or the fx 6100
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