Correct settings for memory 1600Mhz

Hi all, you guys have probably seen similar questions but I couldn't find any real information on my board/RAM problem.

I have an Asrock z77 extreme4 motherboard with 8GB Corsair Vengeance Low Profile memory in dual channel mode.

Advertised when I bought it at 1600mhz however in the BIOS it reads 1333mhz, there is a category in there "OC tweaking" within that I can change the XMP profile from "AUTO" to XMP. Having done that I went back to the BIOS after saving settings and it still reads 1333mhz.

My other option is that I can change the frequency of the RAM from that category to 1600, however I don't have the experience of doing that and whether it's that simple to just change that save and quit. I'm not familiar with changing voltages or any of those things and I wouldn't want to just change the frequency without changing anything else in case I mess something up.

Would anyone be so kind as to instruct me on how to do this?
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  1. I've figured it out (I think) The DRAM frequency was set to 1333mhz after i changed the XMP profile (I thought it would adjust accordingly) So I just changed the DRAM frequency to auto after setting the XMP profile and on restart it's 1600Mhz.

    By all means if anyone would like to add anything please do.
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