Trouble picking a decent PSU for my budget.

Like the thread says i'm having a lot of trouble finding a decent PSU that will run my current setup.
1GB SAPP HD6790 11194-00-20G
AMD PHENOM2 X6 1090T AM3 125w
MSI 870-G45 mobo
500GB HD

I'm a student at university and i'm screwed for cash :( I've got around £60 to spend and could possibly add some more to that but it depends if it is necessary, i've only been looking on the website as i've got all of my other components on there so i'm not sure if the PSUs on there are good for value.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :D Thank you
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  1. Hmmm i'm slightly dubious about a 550W PSU, it may work but i recently bought a "Ace 550w Black PSU 12cm Red fan" (God knows why as i was told repeatedly by friends not to cheap out on a PSU) and it just wont let me run and big games like BF3 without shutting down the computer.
  2. Huh! an Ace whatever pos isn't even in the same league as an XFX.
    The XFX has a 5yr warranty for a reason = quality 80+ Bronze efficiency 44A on the 12V rail.
    I hope you realize a good quality 450W psu will run your specs.
  3. Thank's a lot man. Really appreciate your help :)
  4. pedromendez said:
    Thank's a lot man. Really appreciate your help :)

    No problem mate!
    The XFX is rock solid if it fits your budget!
  5. It's not the price or suggested power of the psu, it's the quality. Poor quality supplies very rarely are actually capable of their "rated" power output. Less powerful quality units will go to the max and sometimes beyond.

    I cannot say that I have heard of Ace as a manufacturer of PSUs, or anything else for that matter.
    The big quality names include XFX, Cooler Master, Corsair, Antec, Silverstone and Seasonic but to name a few.

    As a good guide, look for 80+ efficiency PSU's. And a 550W supply should be well capable of supplying that little rig.
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