My Computer working but doesn't boot up

I have a trouble of starting my Computer. It's m/b is Asus P5GL-MX. When I start the computer Keyboard signal doesnt display (Normally keyboard lights are blinking, but not now). CPU fan, Chasis Fan, HDD, CDROM are working. But Doesn't boot. I solved it by Unplugging PCI Cards, Keyboad and by Changing K/B Jumpers. But it solved only for once. after turning off I Can't Turn ON it again. I'm Sure that there no any problem with VGA or Monitor.
Sorry for my english!
Please kindly help me someone!
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  1. Try resetting the bios settings. Interchanging the ram card slots.
  2. Thanx for your advise, but I tried both of ways. But I'm unable to slove it. when I move the ATX 12V 4Pin cable It's starting. Should I change the Power Unit?
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