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I am planning to go with an Intel Haswell CPU this late spring or early summer to build a gaming/home theater PC. I am not planning to overclock, but I have two questions that I would like to ask.

1. My understanding is that Haswell will use the LGA 1150 socket. I am considering going with an overclockable motherboard in case Broadwell has a 15% improvement and both uses the same socket as Haswell and has a faster memory speed such as 1866, 2133, or 2400 mhz. Would the motherboard support those higher speeds if any of them are standard on Broadwell?

2. How much of a difference in speed would I notice both the RAM and Broadwell used any of those speeds mentioned above over 1600 mhz? thanks.
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  1. I think i'm correct in saying that hardly anyone knows anything about Broadwell yet.
    Your concerns seem to be related to ram, so i suggest that you read these articles;
    "...expected to be released to market in 2013"
    under 'Confirmed new features';
    "DDR4 for the enterprise/server variant (Haswell-EX)"

    The above sort of implies that DDR4 will not be available in mainstream Haswell systems. Also considering the fact that 2400MHz DDR3 rams exsist, its safe to assume high end DDR4 will hit 4000MHz
    So maybe (i'm not sure), Haswell mobos will have DDR3 ram while Broadwell will have DDR4
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