Gtx 570 vs hd 6850

iam going to buy a better gpu for games which one is better gtx570 or 6850
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    well gtx 570 is much better than 6850 and it run bf3 on maxed setting 570 have more vram as compared to 6850
  2. The gtx 570 without doubt however.

    If you can manage go for a 6970 as they really are not much more then the gtx570 and out perform the gtx 570's in most sectors. Especially if you choose to play at 1080p as the 2gb vram on most 6970's will help you out. I recently ordered the HD 6970 iceQ Turbo 2gb after reading up reviews vs the gtx 570. However i think either card would be great it just depends on what you need.
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  4. thanks you @pro-gamer
  5. you are welcome
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