Which cpu is right for me?

So i have a dell 4gjjt motherboard and won't be overclocking.

From the list that I found on this website: http://www.epinions.com/specs/genuine-dell-inspiron-570-mainboard-motherboard-p-n-4gjjt-04gjjt?sb=1

AMD Sempron, Phenom II X3, AMD Athlon II X2, AMD Athlon II X3, AMD Athlon II X4, AMD Phenom II X2

Which one is the best?

I mainly use my pc for games and watching videos.

Thank you.
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  1. The athlon II X4 would be my choice if upgrading.
  2. waht about AMD Phenom II X4 ?
  3. I thought that board could accept Phenom II X4 processor, no? I believe it has an AM3 socket and the 785 chipset. If so, go for a PHII X4.
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