Powerful CPU for development (i5 or i7)

I'm going to buy a notebook for application development. I don't want to buy next notebook in 2 years, so I want to choose a really good one. Especially cpu is what's interests me most. There are 2 processors which are in notebooks i'm thinking about:

i5 2430 Sandy Bridge (2 cores with 2.4 - 3.0 GHz)
i7-2670QM Sandy Bridge (4 cores with 2.2 - 3.1 GHz)

I saw cpu benchmarks, and i7 has 2x better score BUT i read, that most applications can't use 4 quads today - so i5 is approximatelly as good as i7 (core frequency is very similar, i5 has even higher). But i have a question, is i5 processor mentioned above good enough for my purposes or in other words is it high class processor? And it's good enough for future? What would u choose.

I dont want to buy i5 and notice, thats it will be just an average next year, and on other hand i don't want to buy i7 and wait 3 years for applications, which will be able to use 4 quads...
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  1. A lot of programs can use 4 cores (especially for photo and video editing, not so much gaming). If you are going to ONLY game or use simple programs like Office and the internet, the i5. If you are doing anything else more advanced, i7.
  2. Wait a few months for ivybridge
  3. Ivybridge notebooks are sure to be through the roof when they first come out though (which will drive down Sandy Bridge). If you can wait, wait for IVB to come out and spend the extra money or save some on a Sandy Bridge. If you need it now, I stick to my previous post.
  4. If you are in strong need for something now then go with the Quad core 2670QM. 4 physical cores will always be much faster than two with in the same generation and for multiple applications the quad does a much better job anyway. '

    Ivy Bridge does include many performance enhancements that does make it attractive for those like your self but it is a question are you willing to wait and spend more.
  5. good idea with ivy bridge, but they will be available in april as i know, but with "normal" prices from 2013 i suppose...well i forgot the main purpose of my laptop - java/android programming + emulator for android and after that just for very occasionally gaming...
  6. What are you using for java? Eclipse?
  7. I7 hands down, I would think about trying what you are doing with only a dual core. A lagging machine will only produce frustration and lost time during situations where you need the performance the most to get what you need done right away. Running emulators takes a lot of cpu power on hand.
  8. Make sure that you have a decent HDD in that laptop as well. If you're building a bit project it can involve quite a lot of I/O.
  9. i7...
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