Which Motherboard Would Best Fit My Needs?

I had ordered an ASUS M5A97 but it is now on backorder so I cancelled which is ok due to my budget has increased a bit. The M5A97 was about $99 and I can prob bump up to around $150ish now

I'll be running a FX-8320, 8GB RAM, HD 7770 GPU, 2TB HDD, and 650W PSU

I know the Sabertooth 990FX is prob the best to go with but if there is something a little less pricey and still good, id rather go with that. I overclocking and dual GPU's isn't all that important to me but I might eventually do it. My computer will mainly be for xbox gaming recording and video editing.

Any advice as to what would best suit me would be greatly appreciated :)

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