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Ok I need some more help!!!

I am working on a Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop and have no power.

I have replaced the battery and the charger, and still not power comes on when the power on switch is turned on.

Prior to the replacements being made, it would turn on but then after a few minutes (trying to load Windows XP Pro, on a NTFS reformatted drive, it would go throughabout 75% of the disk load, and then just shut off the power. No messages, nothing to indicate an error or anything. It would just shut down.

Following this, it would not power on at all.

Now with the new power charger and a new plug for the charger, it willl not even power up at all. Absolutely nothing happens when the power button is pushed.

Any ideas on this???

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  1. Bad DC jack perhaps? Doesn't explain why it doesn't work on battery. Might have a torched mobo. check the jack and see if power is passing thru.
  2. Since I am a computer tower repairman 99% of the time, I am not familiar with the term "mobo". Please explain to me. I think my neighbor has a power tester and with the unit (plugged in wall, he should be able to test it for power coming through.

    If it has power coming through from electric plug in, but computer still fails to power on, where do I go from there. The batter and plug in device is brand new and just bought and installed.

    Guess that is about all I need to tell you as I do not know anymore.

  3. mobo=motherboard. If there is power going to the motherboard but not continuing to power it, the motherboard might be bad. It you get any lights turning on or sounds like its trying to start but there is no video, that's a different subject.
  4. Ok, never heard anyone call a motherboard a MOJO. Sorry about that. I am a total almost novice in Laptop repair. I only check out things for my friends, otherwise I build and rebuild towers where I can get inside and see what is happening.

    Now, when the wall plug is in and the power jack is plugged into the computer on the side, I can hit the power button on, and absolutely nothing happens. Nothing lights up. The battery is new, plugged in correctly and the power jack cord is new. Still nothing.

    The computer was booting up one day with XP Pro and just shut down. Nothing has been functioning since that occurred.

    That is why I replaced the battery and plugin before proceeding. Figured something happened to the battery.

    When I say it just shut down, I mean all power in the unit just stopped, no messages, no nothing.

    I replaced the battery with an exact copy of the original, and the power cord also. Still nothing. No lights, not anything.

    That is my situation completely explained to the letter. It shut down during boot up with any messages or anything.

    That is about it.

  5. 1 of 2 things. 1. power jack has worked loose (it happens under normal circumstances), or 2. the motherboard went kaput.

    Some HPs and Compaqs have been put on recall for power jacks, video and other problems. You might googling compaq recall and see if the CQ62 is one affected.
  6. Scottie,

    I am going to call it quits for tonight. I will consult with Compaq recall and ask about this model.

    I will probably be back here with the same problem sometime on Monday. Got plans for the evening.

    Have a good weekend. It is time to relax and have a good time.

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