Games Freezing While Playing CPU/GPU Problems?

Hi, I have a dual core pentium g620 2,6ghz cpu. and gt 440 nvidia geforce gpu, it is freezeing while playing games, sometimes even rebooting itself, i have no bsod or artefacts.
Some times during the freezes i can regain control on my pc after a couple of mins but sometimes i have to manually reset it (if it dosen't do so by itself) now obviously it can only be heat or psu,

I have tested my rams with mem test 46 even tried running the games with seperate ram sticks but still it persists,

**Now my monitor says my cpu is 70c as in 1 core 33 and 37 while idle, it gets to about 90 when playing does this mean its too hot as in 90c for the whole cpu i too hot or would it be too hot when both the cores are like 90?

My gpu during the crashed is about 65c when playing dead island so thats not too bad so im betting on it being the cpu heat, i even installed extra fan it did help a bit as in th crashes are less frequent.

ps i have no thermal paste on gpu/cpu.

The question which i rly want answer to is **

from top thanks ;d

1 More thing - my psu is 430w, the card needs 300w so this is good, however it is 10 yrs old along wit my hdd < i have been using it for like a month as it literarly sat in my old rig for 10 yrs ;p, when the games crash the hdd is red solid and the sound keeps playing in a loop.
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  1. It doesn't work that way. The CPU hitting 90c though is very bad. You want to keep it under 70c.

    Even my 2500K @ 4.5GHz doesn't get above 70c when Prime95 stress testing it.
  2. bolocks so what maybe put thermal paste casue like i said i got none?
  3. Update... i wuz playing shogun total war 2 and surprisingly to me i managed to play a whole battle without a frezze < about 15> an then i thought about it and was like wtf? has it stopped, then 5 mins later i get a BSOD, couldnt read the info just saw error or sum sort lots of numbers but couldnt see casue it shut down the thing in event viewr i got was :
    Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0


    Session "Microsoft-Windows-Setup" stopped due to the following error: 0xC000000D

    btw now im woried blu screen of death dosent sound nice
  4. You need thermal paste.
  5. If the CPU goes to 90 Centigrade when playing games it will throttle back and it won't do the CPU much good. You must mount the heatsink properly with thermal paste. Before applying the paste it is critical that both surfaces are clean. It is possible that the CPU's may have different temperatures depending on how good the local contact of the heatsink to the CPU die.
  6. You better past it or you are gonna end up playing board games and you'll have a nice fancy paperweight
  7. ok ill do it as soon as i can btw which paste should i use does it matter if its mx4 or mx5?

    which one is best i kno iv seen that post in the forum but does it matter which one i use?
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